Best Places to Mini Golf in Wildwood, NJ

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Want to play a round of mini golf in Wildwood? Book a stay at ICONA Diamond Beach, and you'll enjoy convenient access to some of the Jersey Shore's top-rated miniature golf destinations. 

Wildwood and Wildwood Crest are home to courses made for mini-golfers of all ages and skill levels. When you stay at ICONA Diamond Beach, you're just minutes away from these mini golf courses and many other popular Jersey Shore attractions and landmarks. 

Of course, the ICONA team wants to help you make the most of your Wildwood mini golf experience. As part of our efforts, we've put together a list of five can't-miss destinations for mini golf in Wildwood Crest and Wildwood. 

1. Harbor Light Golf

Location: 10200 Pacific Ave, Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260
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One of the area's largest mini golf courses, Harbor Light Golf in Wildwood Crest has been a local favorite for more than three decades. Here, "a hole-in-one is an exception, not a rule," according to Harbor Light. This is due to the many dog legs, sand traps, and other hazards you'll encounter with every putt. 

Along with offering mini golf, Harbor Light serves ice cream you can enjoy before, during, or after a round. Compete with family and friends on the mini golf course and follow up your round with a cone or cup of your favorite flavor. The course's expansive ice cream menu also includes milkshakes, specialty sundaes, and other tasty cold desserts. 

"One of the best places to play mini golf in the Wildwoods! Harbor Light Golf offers a nice course with decent play and nice water features. We especially loved that the owners were very nice people. They have fans set up on the course and also offer bug spray to patrons for when the mosquitoes come out at dusk! Don’t forget to cool down with some delicious ice cream after your game!" —G. Funk

2. Starlux Mini Golf

Location: 4800 Ocean Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260
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With three nine-hole Wildwood golf courses "where the wild things par," there's plenty to enjoy at Starlux Mini Golf. On the Beach Course, you'll be able to play a fun game of mini golf and see the world's largest artificial sand dune and castle. If you prefer the ocean to the beach, the Ocean Course features giant sea creatures and massive water fountains. There's also the Boardwalk Course that's surrounded by plastic palm trees and memorabilia and trivia celebrating Wildwood at every hole. 

At Starlux, there's lots of shade to help you stay cool as you go from hole to hole. During your visit, you can enjoy Johnson's Popcorn "Sweet Treats & Eats" food truck and Kohr's Brothers ice cream and roast s'mores at the venue's fire pit. The venue is handicapped accessible and dog friendly, too. 

"Whenever I get an opportunity to go to Wildwood, New Jersey for vacation (from Connecticut), I always go to this mini-golf location. Whenever we go, it’s always night and gives us the better experience. It’s genuinely nice and amazing, and me and my family has so much fun there, competitively trying to win and enjoying the serene environment. We try to do all the courses, and all of them equally look amazing and built fun. We also go to the ice cream shop right after mini-golfing, and the ice cream tastes spectacular, and all the people behind the registers are spectacular, understanding, and nice. I recommend going here if you’re in Wildwood, either for vacation, or if you reside there! This place genuinely has a place in my heart."—hi guys (idk444)

3. Island Miniature Golf

Location: 4501 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260
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To "putt the fun in your day," visit Island Miniature Golf in Wildwood. Here, you'll be able to play golf on 18 fun, challenging holes. And if you sink a hole-in-one on the final hole, your next game is free. 

A round at Island Miniature Golf is typically more affordable than many comparable local options. In addition to mini golf, Island offers two batting cages and an ice cream shop. If you're a veteran, Island lets you enjoy a round of mini golf for free. 

"Great mini golf. Very well taken care of course with a couple of really unique holes. Very clean and well cared for.  Attached ice cream shop was also very good. Free for veterans was also very appreciated!"—Russell Ford

4. Dragon's Lair Mini Golf

Location: 3616 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260
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With its one-of-kind indoor "glow golf" course, Dragon's Lair Mini Golf in Wildwood is a great destination for those who want to have fun and beat the heat. Dragon's Lair offers a castle-inspired course that's illuminated by black lights. As you go from hole to hole, you'll see amazing artwork that may make you feel like you're traveling through medieval times. 

Dragon's Lair is fully air-conditioned, so you'll have no trouble staying cool as you play. It offers a 10-hole course. If you earn a hole-in-one on the final hole, you'll win a free round of mini golf. 

"This place is the best! Not only is it fun, but the art is amazing! The blacklight is very cool and made for a very fun experience. It was $8 per person for a round of golf, which I felt was cheap for the experience we had! We had a blast and will absolutely be coming back here again. Check this place out next time you’re in Wildwood!"—Meghan Winter

5. Pirates of Wildwood 3D Miniature Golf

Location: 3414 Boardwalk, North Wildwood, NJ 08260
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Located on the Wildwood Boardwalk, Pirates of Wildwood 3D Miniature Golf offers a unique indoor mini golf experience. With its giant octopus, skeleton mermaid, and other pirate-themed decor, this mini golf course is sure to grab your attention. Plus, as you play, you can wear 3D glasses that help transform an ordinary mini golf experience into one you won't soon forget. 

Unlike many other local mini golf courses, Pirates offers 18 holes. For those who make a hole-in-one on the last hole, they'll win a free game.

"So much fun! My friends and I had a blast. In planning the trip for next year, Pirates of Wildwood Mini Golf is definitely on the list of places to return to. Black light/ 3D mini golf, what more can you ask for?"—Abbey Clark

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