Cape May, America’s Original Five-Star Seaside Resort Deserves Five-Star Accommodations

Now Is The Time!

Proposed ICONA Cape May Rendering front entrance flanked by white columns, American flags, porches, and many flower boxes

The question is who, what, how, when, where?  


We believe we have the answer.

ICONA Resorts is proposing the first new, luxury resort hotel in Cape May in over half a century. What many may not know is, since 2000, the number of hotel rooms in Cape May has rapidly decreased by more than 50 percent. 


There are two reasons for this alarming trend, 1) hotels and motels have been demolished to make way for housing, 2) non-historical hotels and motels are being converted into condominiums, thus preventing older non-contributing buildings from ever being replaced.


The fact is, visitors still desire the classic hotel experience for their families, one that honors the past, but envisions the future with modern amenities to make wonderful memories! 


We assure you that we at ICONA are committed to creating a beautiful hotel that fits the character of America’s Original Seaside Resort – timeless elegance reflecting the historical style and the “Victorian” and “shingle style” influences of Cape May.


Since announcing our proposal, we have been asked the question, ‘What would a new, luxurious, five-star hotel mean to Cape May?’


The answer is simple. Tourism is the number one revenue generator in Cape May, and hotel rooms are the number one support of tourism; whose tourists are the supporters of all local businesses. This is why local retailers and hoteliers alike are strongly in favor of the new ICONA Cape May. This new hotel will result in hundreds of new guests arriving each week, shopping at our Cape May stores and eating at our Cape May restaurants. Bottom line is they will be spending their tourist dollars in Cape May, benefiting both our infrastructure and our tax structure.


The new ICONA Cape May will also accomplish the goals and objectives of our Cape May Convention Hall directly across the street. Our vision is to keep the Cape May Convention Hall full year-round. A five-star, full-service resort hotel with 11 elegant retail outlets will make this happen. In addition, we will be creating more than 250 new jobs in Cape May County (which has the highest unemployment rate in the State of New Jersey), another huge benefit!


As an added bonus, the new ICONA Cape May will be helping to solve one of Cape May’s biggest challenges…parking. While providing 255 indoor parking spaces, we will also be creating a surplus of new parking spots.  The structure will be inside the building, out of sight, with architectural features that will create a facade that looks like anything but a parking garage, further enhancing the beauty of this now blighted site.  In addition, statistics show that our projects substantially increase surrounding property values as well.


Please stop and think about this, if Congress Hall was not built more than 200 years ago, 10 generations of Cape May visitors and four Presidents would not have had a five-star experience in our five-star town. It would be a shame if we were to miss this (once in a century) opportunity and not create this grand hall and hotel for our beloved town of Cape May and the next 10 generations.


This new luxurious five-star Cape May hotel will be the iconic jewel of the Atlantic Coast, for generations to come.


Lastly, a few years ago, before we bought this blighted shopping center, the administration in Cape May hired a consultant to recommend the highest and best use of this site to benefit residents and visitors alike in Cape May.   


The study presented by the consultant stated unequivocally that this site should be placed in a redevelopment zone. A luxury hotel project worthy of this community would bring a myriad of benefits to both Cape May residents and businesses.  


Please join us to make this Cape May Dream come true.  On Thursday, September 1st from 4-6 pm we will host an open house meeting in the Cape May Convention Hall where all are invited to come and view the beautiful plans, ask questions, and learn as much as you would like about the project. This includes the great work of DAS Architects, the award-winning architecture firm based in Cape May and Philadelphia.


We at ICONA promise you a unique and spectacular project. We look forward to meeting with you all and creating this five-star property together that our five-star city of Cape May - America’s Original Seashore Resort - deserves! 


Eustace W. Mita

Chairman and CEO 

ICONA Resorts