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Tiki Bar

Outdoor Tiki bar at ICONA Hotel Windrift
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Every hour is happy hour at the Tiki Bar! Pull up a stool and pass the day away. But get here early, seats fill up fast at this intimate but very popular spot.

For menus refer to Level 1

The Tiki bar is open during the summer season, weather permitting.

105 80th St. 8202 Avalon US

5:00 pm - Close

*As is the case when consuming other raw animal proteins products, there is a risk associated with consuming raw oysters and clams. If you suvfer from chronic illness of the liver, stomach, or blood, or have an immune disorder, do not eat these products raw.
An 18% Gratuity May be Added to Parties of 6 or More.
Limit 2 Checks Per Table.

(gf) Made without gluten-containing ingredients. May not meet the definition of "gluten-free" because gluten-containing ingredients are prepared in our kitchen.

(w) Windrift Favorite

(sp) Wine Director's Selected Pours

Please Drink Responsibly