Summer Music & Live Entertainment

2023 Live Music at ICONA Windrift, Sandbar, & The Star Beach Bar

Sean Loosh Man in Sunglasses playing guitar in front of a palm tree at the Star Beach Bar in the Wildwoods
Sean Loosh Man in Sunglasses playing guitar in front of a palm tree at the Star Beach Bar in the Wildwoods

ICONA is the perfect destination for live music and entertainment this summer at the shore. With its breathtaking oceanfront views and a vibrant beachy atmosphere, whether you're listening at ICONA Windrift, the Sandbar at ICONA Avalon, or The Star Beach Bar in Diamond Beach, ICONA provides the ultimate setting for an unforgettable summer experience. So gather your friends and family and join us this summer for an unparalleled entertainment experience at the Jersey Shore. See our summer entertainment schedules below.

The Star Beach Bar at ICONA Diamond Beach Live Music Schedule 2023

The Sandbar at ICONA Avalon Live Music Schedule 2023


ICONA Windrift Band Schedule 2023

ICONA Windrift's bands will play starting at 9:30 pm, with the exception of the Juliano Brothers who begin at 4 pm.


12 The Big House Band - TBD

13 LauraLea & Tripp Fabulous -TBD

19 Late Last Night

20 Breck 

26 Chatterband 

27 The Big House Band 

28 The Morning After Band 

28 Juliano  Brothers 



2 Late Last Night 

3 The Zone 

9 Breck 

10 Mystery Machine 

16 The Big House Band 

17 The Chatterband 

18 Juliano Brothers 

23 LauraLea & Tripp Fabulous 

24 Shot Of Southern 

25 Juliano Brothers 

30 Chatterband 



1 The Big House Band 

2 The Morning After Band 

2 Juliano Brothers 

7 Mystery Machine 

8 The Morning After Band 

9 Juliano Brothers 

14 The Business 

15 Chatterband 

16 Juliano Brothers 

21 Chatterband 

22 Shot Of Southern 

23 Juliano Brothers 

28 The Big House Band 

29 The Zone 

30 Juliano Brothers 



4 FM Band 

5 Mystery Machine 

6 Juliano Brothers 

11 Breck 

12 Chatterband 

13 Juliano Brothers 

18 The Big House Band 

19 Flip Like Wilson 

20 Juliano Brothers 

25 Chatterband 

26 The Business 

27 Juliano Brothers 



1 The Big House Band 

2 Flip Like Wilson 

3 Juliano Brothers 

3 Love Seed Mama Jump

8 The Zone 

9 Breck 

15 Late Last Night 

16 John McNutt Band 

22 Jexxa 

23 Breck 

29 The Zone 

30 The Big House Band 



6 John McNutt Band 

7 The Zone 

13 Late Last Night 

14 The Big House Band 

20 The Zone 

21 Late Last Night 

27 Breck 

28 TBD

ICONA Windrift Live Piano Music Schedule 2023

Live piano music can be enjoyed in Windrift's Signature Lounge from 6-10 pm Fri & Sat of Mother's Day Weekend & daily from 5/19 - 9/9.

Jim Bannach

Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Doug Jennings


Darin Macdonald

Tuesday, Friday, Sunday